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The 1893 Society

The 1893 Society has been established to recognize the thoughtfulness and generosity of alumni and friends who have remembered the East Stroudsburg University Foundation in their estate plans. Through The 1893 Society, the Foundation has an opportunity to recognize and thank these donors during their lifetimes. Membership to the 1893 Society is open to individuals who have established an endowment fund at the ESU Foundation and/or named the Foundation as a beneficiary in their estate plans, such as a will, living trust, life insurance policy, retirement account, donor-advised fund or charitable trust.

Members of The 1893 Society provide a bright future for East Stroudsburg University and generations of students. It is through the vision and generosity of The 1893 Society members that we can fulfill the goal of offering our students the opportunity for self-development, self-expression, leadership and service. Through the years, many alumni who benefited from their education and nurturing relationships with faculty have demonstrated their appreciation for their ESU education through thoughtful and generous planned gifts. These gifts have increased the Foundation's endowment which provides an important source of income to address the University's priorities for scholarship assistance for bright and deserving students, funds for faculty development and opportunities for facility improvements.

For more information on how to provide for the ESU Foundation through an endowment fund or your estate plan, please contact us at (570) 422-3333 or email

The 1893 Society Membership Form

The 1893 Society recognizes alumni and friends who have established an endowment fund and/or included the ESU Foundation in their estate plans. All planned gifts to the ESU Foundation qualify for recognition in the 1893 Society.

Neil N. '96 and Gladys Baksh
James R. '05 and Kathryn Barchiesi
Florence L. "Peachy" Barkman
Karen Beetel '95
Eli and Christine Berman
James L. Borger '59
Donald R. and Dolores B. Bortz
Jack G. Bowers
Richard N. '60 and Jean M. '89 Brewer
Susan C. Brink '72 M'87
Robert P. Brunet
Jone J. Bush
Lynn P. Bush
Jack P. '67 and Anne L. Childs
Darell T. and Cindy Covington
William B. and Barbara Cramer
Maria Teresa Crivelli
Patricia M. and David W. Crotty
Roger L. DeLarco '80
Trudi '70 and Bruce Denlinger
Gypsy Denzine
Jean M. DeSchriver '74
Roseann Dillman
Stephanie '85 and Bryan Doherty
Stephen M. Domovich '49
Eugenia S. Eden '72 M'76
Ann R. Edinger '73
Judy Edwards
Karen M. El-Chaar '79
William C. Eves '71
Bob H. '55 and Louise L. '56 Fabel
Sue C. Falvello '60
James D. and Hinda Farmer
Bernice W. Franchino '43
James P. '52 and Barbara A. Frawley
Gere B. Fulton '60
Daisy M. Gallagher
Deborah L. Gebhardt '69
James E. and Betty B. Gilbert
Julie Glavin
Donna R. Gray '63
Donald L. '56 and Marge E. '59 Griffith
David A. '76 M'84 and Moira A. '77 Hair
George D. '58 and Harriet D. '56 Hall
Harrison G. and Dolores M. Hartman
Noretta S. Herman '59
Frank V. Hermann '53
Angela J. Herrlinger '92 M'98
Joseph C. '63 and Joanne '64 Heverin
Sandra J. Hoeffner
Gretchen E. '02 and Geoffrey W. Jackson
Richard and Montae Johnson
Stephen and Gail Kalman
Robert A. '58 and Anne E. Kearn
Bob '71 and Sandy Kelley
Martha S. Kellow
Wendy H. Koch
Constance R. Krick '60 M'65
Jeffrey J. Land '79
Douglas C. and Sharon G. Lane
Harry F. and Jeannie M. Lee
Judith A. '76 M'86 and James H. Leiding
Marcus S. '95 and Yvonne T. '94 Lingenfelter
Kenneth E. Maclary
Hussain G. Malik
Michael D. '97 and Jennifer Mancuso
Susan F. and Donald R. Mancuso
Randy S. '78 and Valerie A. '79 Maugle
Ann E. '82 and Kenton R. McGinnis
William G. McNulty '62
Ronald J. Meyers
Irene Mitchel
Maury J. Molin '76
Frank M. Montano '69
Robert M. Moses
William W. Moyer '61
Clarence J. and Elizabeth Murphy
Michael B. '93 and Marni F. '93 Freeman-Murphy
R. Sam '82 and Linda '83 Niedbala
Sandra O'Neil-Seiler '57
Patricia A. Ori '61
Jerry and Hedy Orodenker
Robert S. Ott '70
Trudy M. Piatt
Frank M. '73 M'76 and Nancy Pullo
Sara M. Rand '61
Deborah A. Raykovitz '75
Joseph Reilly
James C. and Susan D. Roberts
Michael J. Romano '74 M '83 *
Phyllis F. Rubin
Kevin P. '83 and Candace A. '81 Ruddy
Sandra L. Rydell
Larry M. '58 M'64 and Barbara Rymon
Robert M. '65 and Elizabeth Ann Sabol
Arthur R. '62 and Fannie A. '62 Schisler
Glenn E. Schultz
Niandong Shi
Walter G. '74 and Cynthia M. '74 Shultz
Scott F. Simonds '90 and Patricia Fonzi
Barry E. '62 and Norma Slemmer
Patricia S. and John W. Smeaton
Grace Smith
Deborah N. Smith '75
Joan Sommer
Richard A. Staneski
Ray J. Starner '69
Margaret L. Stish '64 M'73
Robert G. Sutton and Linda DeRenzis-Sutton
Donald L. Tshudy
William D. and Ellen Walker
Kathryn A. Waltz '70
Faith H. Waters and Edward C. Kimes
Diana E. Weaver '57
Amy '85 and Robert J. Welch
Mollie Whalen '78
Robert H. '75 and Julieann Willever
Carol A. Wolf '68
Rory J. '84 and Diane E. Yanchek
Richard A. '60 and Sandra L. '60 Zimmer